Human Emotion: The Raging Grannies

Raging Grannies

Carol McRoberts, 71, gestures to the crowd on Wednesday morning while singing with the Seattle Raging Grannies about the dangers of recent oil-by-rail proposals at refineries in the region. Concerned community members from around the region demonstrated outside of the Skagit County Administrative Building, where the Northwest Clean Air Agency was having a public hearing about the renewal of Shell’s Puget Sound Refinery pollution permits. When told that they would be allowed to sing if there was enough time, McRoberts spoke up and said, “There will be enough time!” McRoberts has been a peace activist for 40 years, and has been involved with the Seattle Raging Grannies for over 15 years. After singing outside for the crowd, the Raging Grannies also used their 2 minutes of allotted time during the public hearing to sing another song:

“The future looks bleak,
Unless we can keep,
Fossil fuels down where the belong!
Keep those trains far from us,
Or better yet don’t let them bust!
Our climate’s worth more,
Lets show them the door,
Keep the oil in the ground evermore!”

Raging Grannies is an international organization—their website can be found at

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